Project Guidelines

Since 2009, Investor IVICOM Energy Ltd. performs measurements of wind energy potential in the municipality of Golubac, locations Golo Brdo and Debelo brdo. Based on these measurements it is concluded there is wind energy potential which can be technically exploited.

Wind power plant Krivaca is located in the northeastern part of Serbia, within the Branicevski administrative district , in the municipalities of Golubac, Kucevo and Veliko Gradiste.


Wind turbines are placed on the locations / hilltops: Golo Brdo (505m), Veliko Cerje (515m), Malo Cerje (500m), Veliki Klokocar (554m) in the northern part of the site and Cuka (515m), Tilva (561m), Debelo Brdo (577m ), Krivacka Tilva (592m) in the southern part of the site.

Spatial plan includes locations of 38 wind turbines with total installed capacity in final phase up to 103.32 MW.

Produced energy will be delivered to TSO grid through substation SS 110/33 kV Krivaca at the location of wind power plant thru construction of 110kV connection facility and transformation facility 33/110kV.

Two new 110kV transmission lines, whose construction is planned as part of the investment of WPP Krivaca , connects SS 110/33 kV Krivaca with substations SS 110/35kV Neresnica (municipality Kucevo) and substation SS 110/35kV Veliko Gradiste. Route of 110kV transmission lines from SS 110/33 kV Krivaca to SS 110/35kV Neresnica and from SS 110/33 kV Krivaca – SS 110/35kV Veliko Gradiste are approximately length of 19,4 km.

For the purpose of operation and maintenance of wind turbines i.e. repairment/replacement of defective or damaged parts of windturbines, it is planned to construct permanent storage building at the location of WPP Krivaca.

List of structures which will be constructed within project of WPP Krivaca :
tockz32-38 wind turbines incl. crane pads for assembly of equipment,
tockzReconstruction of existing roads (L = 20 km),
tockzConstruction of new roads (L = 21 km),
tockzOperation and maintenance building of WPP Krivaca,
tockzInternal 35kV transmission line (L = 5.5km),
tockzSubstation Krivaca 110/33 kV (Connection facility 110 kV and Transformation facility 33/110 kV),
tockz110 kV transmission line between SS Krivaca 110/33kV – SS Veliko Gradiste 110/35kV (L = 19,4km),
tockz110 kV transmission line between SS Krivaca 110/33kV – SS Neresnica 110/35kV (L = 19,4km),
tockzUpgrading of transmission line bay in the SS 110/35kV Veliko Gradiste,
tockzUpgrading of transmission line bay in the SS 110/35kV Neresnica.

The importance of building of wind power plant and benefit to the community can be expressed through the following parameters:
tockpdevelopment of economy, technological development,
tockpenergy diversification and security of electrical energy supply,
tockpincrease of domestic energy production and reduction of imported energy,
tockpreduction of CO2 emissions,
tockpinvolvement of local contractors during construction of wind power plant,
tockpemployment of local population for maintenance of wind power plant,
tockpimprovement of local infrastructure,
tockpland lease compensation,
tockpeducational visits.

Commissioning of WPP Krivaca is planned in November 2017.