Wind Power Plant “Krivača”

IVICOM Energy d.o.o. has been performing the assessment of the wind potential in the territories of the Municipalities Golubac and Kučevo, particularly locations of Golo Brdo, Debelo brdo and Tilva, ever since year 2009. Based on the resulst, it was dterined that the site offers significant power generation potential, which can be easily harvested.

Wind Power Plant “Krivača“ will be located in the Braničevo District (northeast Serbia), specifically Municipalities Golubac, Kučevo and Veliko Gradište.

Wind Turbine Generators (WTG) will be positioned along the following mountain peaks: Golo Brdo (505mnm), Veliko Cerje (515mnm), Malo Cerje (500mnm), Veliki Klokočar (554mnm) (northern enclave) and Čuka (515mnm), Tilva (561mnm), Debelo Brdo (577mnm) and Krivačka Tilva (592mnm) (southern enclave).

Planning documents foresaw 38 WTG units, and the total installed capacity was defined to be 103.32MW. Out of total number of planned WTG spots, Investor decided for the constellation comprising of 22 WTGs, each being of N149-4.5 type, to be delivered by the company Nordex.

Generated power shall be delivered to the transmission grid of the Republic of Serbia, through the Transformation 33/110kV “VE Krivača” (which shall be owned by “Ivicom Energy”), Switchyard (SWY) 110kV “Krivača” and two new overhead lines 110kV – SWY “Krivača” – s/s “Veliko Gradište” and SWY “Krivača” – s/s “Neresnica (all three latter facilities shall be owned by JSC “Elektromreža Srbije”).

The list of facilities pertaining to the Wind Power Plant “Krivača”, which will be constructed, are:

  • – 22 WTGs with pertaining crane pads,
    construction of new and rehabilitation of the existing road infrastructure (in total cca 30km),
    two double-circuit 33kV overhead lines (each being 3km in length),
  • – construction of 33kV cable and fiberoptic grid (in total cca 30km,
  • – Transformation 33/110kV “VE Krivača”,
  • – Switchyard 110 kV “Krivača”,
  • – overhead line 110 kV SWY “Krivača”– s/s 110/35kV “Veliko Gradište”,
  • – overhead line 110 kV SWY “Krivača” – s/s 110/35kV “Neresnica”,
  • – construction of a new OHL bay in s/s 110/35kV “Veliko Gradište”,
  • – construction of a new OHL bay in s/s s/s 110/35kV “Neresnica”.


Construction and operation of the Wind Power Plant “Krivača” shall be of considerable benefit to the local communities and a society as a whole, as well as improve the environmental aspects:


  • – engagement of the local companies in the design and project execution phases,
  • – intensive involvement of the local population and companies in the immediate project implementation,
  • – a boost to a local sector of services, needed for the smooth project execution,
  • – construction and improvement of the local infrastructure,
  • – annual lease payments to the landowners,
  • – improvement of the tourist content in the area nearby,
  • – diversification of the power generation and improvement of the stability of the power supply,
  • – reduction of energy import dependency,
  • – reduction of green-house-gas emissions,
  • – organization of expert and school excursions

Commercial operation of the Wind Power Plant “Krivača” is scheduled for November 2023.